The High Heels Girl and other extreme heel wearers

Jen – The High Heels Girl

When it comes to her high heels Jen (aka The High Heels Girl) really doesn’t know what all the fuss is about.  It is not uncommon for people to ask her how she manages to walk in her heels.  Being able to walk nimbly, all day, in shoes with a 5” or 6” heel with no platform, does deserve recognition.  This is especially true for someone with small feet, which means that her ankles are stretched into a vertical position by her heels.


The fact that she wears nothing but 5” or 6” heels, however, is another level of achievement entirely.  Very very high heels are a normal part of Jen’s life.  She works, shops, drives, does house work in them, lounges on the couch in them, puts the garbage out in them.

The fact is, she actually has no choice because her feet are stiffly formed into a high heel arch.  When she goes throungh the metal detectors at the airport she slips off her shoes and tiptoes through, heels unable to get anywhere near the floor.  She can do this for a short while, but it is not very comfortable, so she is grateful to get her heels back on again as soon as possible.  She wears them from the moment she gets up in the morning, and even wears a pair of 6” plastic heels in the shower.

Her feet are not like this by accident.  It is the result of years of hard work and sacrifice, aimed at the erotic goal of being permanently restricted to very very high heels.  Jen feels that, if she wanted to, she could probably train herself to wear 4” heels, but even that small reduction in heel height would take effort and discomfort.  At the moment 4” heels are too low for her to wear, and 5” heels are so comfortable to her now that it simply doesn’t seem worth the effort.

When Jen last wore flat shoes for any length of time, 11 years ago, she was 17, and in senior school.  She had worn heels before then, but nothing outlandish.  This changed because she started going out with a high heels fetishist, Bf, who bought her a pair of 4” heeled stilettos.  He was dominant and she was a naturally submissive person, and very quickly started wearing stilettos regularly, including to school, where she became known as ‘The High Heels Girl’.

Having done ballet training previously, she had very flexible feet, and wearing very high heels seemed to be much easier for her than most.  At Bf’s urging, she increased the heel height, managing to wear heels as high as 6” some days by the time she finished school.  Jen enjoyed the look and feel of very high heels, and in the following year, and at Bf’s urging  she moved to wearing heels all the time – a serious and erotic commitment.  The year she turned 18 was the last time Jen wore shoes with heels under 5”.

Wearing very high stiletto heels changes the way you look at the world around you.  There are surfaces, such as steep slopes, high staircases, grass, gravel, mud, basically anywhere in the countryside, where walking is difficult or impossible.  Barbecues, trips to the beach, walks in the country, gardening, mowing the lawn become difficult or even impossible.  In very high heels the posture changes – with little ability to compensate for different postures by using your feet, you are forced to stand in a certain way – lower back a little arched, shoulders back.  To reach forward to pickup something, or to carry something heavy, requires a careful awareness of balance.

All these things are the subject of both enjoyment and/or frustration by high heel wearers and their partners, but usually they are part of the point of high heels – they are a way of playing with these many effects and restrictions for the benefit of wearer and partner.  The majority of women who wear high heels do this for a few hours, and then become an ‘all terrain’ person again when they choose to do so.  Jen willingly gave up this option at age 18 – permanently.  Not only this, but over the following years, and with Bf’s encouragement, she went further.  Soon she was being encouraged to wear 6” heels unless it was necessary for her to walk a long distance.  In 6” heels, her feet are arched beyond vertical.

Jen worked as a hostess in a country club, where she spent much of each shift on her feet, but managed to adapt to doing this all the time in 5-6” heels.  Bf worked from home and didn’t like to see her without her heels – this made slipping her shoes off for a while at home, even if she wanted to, a rare luxury.  Bf introduced her to ballet boots, and she did not take long to adapt to them.  Soon he was wanting her to wear them all the time when at home.

Bf began talking about wanting to train her in having permanent high heel feet – i.e. feet which are permanently shaped into a natural high heel arch.  This occurs when the muscles and/or tendons above the heel gradually shorten, making it impossible to put the foot flat on the ground.  It becomes painful to try to place the heel on the ground, and more comfortable to remain in the tiptoeing high heel position.  When this occurs, the wearer essentially has no choice but to wear high heels permanently.

To achieve this aim, he encouraged her to strap her feet into foot trainers at night, which held them in an accentuated high heel position and accentuated her arches as she slept.  By the time she was 20, Jen had already worn nothing but 5” or higher heels for two years.  She appeared on a high heels web forum asking tentatively about the goal of permanent high heel feet.  She was obviously still toying with the idea, finding it erotic, but worried about the long term consequences.  Eventually, she decided to agree to Bf’s wishes.

From that point on she moved to literally wearing heels or ballets 24/7 – sleeping in ballets and at some stage Bf introduced a hybrid of ballet boots and foot trainers which she wore at night.  During the day she wore ballets at home and 6 or 5” heels when out.

He wanted her to work towards the aim of 6″ shoes during the day and ballets whenever she was at home.  Already as a result of her high heel training her feet had changed from a size 7 to a 6 or 6.5 and she had extreme arches.  Towards the end of the same year she ditched the 5” heels completely.  Again this was an enormous intensification and commitment to her fetishistic lifestyle, spurred on by her dominant boyfriend.  Wearing 5” heels constantly was quite a feat, but to move to wearing nothing LOWER than 6” heels, including at work where she was on her feet for hours at a time, was simply an act of athletic skill and endurance.

If 5” heels are difficult on grass and steep slopes, for someone with size 6 feet, wearing 6” heels would be extraordinarily challenging.  Any slight downward slope would stretch your arches even further, and there would be no margin for error with balance.   It can only be assumed that significant lifestyle changes are required to successfully live in 6” heels constantly.  For Jen, this was a necessary, and presumably non-negotiable, part of her Dom/sub relationship.

By this stage it had been a year since she bought a pair of shoes from a normal shoe shop – as she was only allowed to wear 6” heels, and shoes with a platform were not allowed, most shoe shops had nothing that she could wear.  Bf bought most of her shoes from a friend who ran a shoe website – presumably she had little choice over what she was given to wear.

Apart from the soreness if required to walk long distances (Bf liked it when she complained of having sore feet), the visual aspect of constantly wearing such extreme heels would be interesting in itself.  Have you ever seen a group of young people going out somewhere, and in the middle of them there is one girl wearing sky high heels?  Jen posted that her boyfriend was into motor racing, and that when they went to the track the other girls there would all be in runners etc and she would be the only girl in heels, and 6” heels too.  Even in the most casual clothes and situations, at the bottom would always be a pair of 6” spikes and elegant pointed, leather clad toes.

By the following year, aged 21 and already 3 years constantly in high heels and 1 year in nothing but 6” heels or ballets, Jen seemed more comfortable than ever with her extreme heeled status.  Her training to become a permanently high heeled woman was going very well – she posted that “I’ve tried standing up barefoot a few times and the best I can do is get my heels about 3″ from the ground and that hurts.”

Around that time she went on a vacation with Bf to west US where they visited a bunch of National Parks.  She felt out of place in her 6” stilettos but enjoyed the experience.  She saw her training as another form of erotic body modification “my boyfriend and I both love my permanent high heel feet. I agree…its like tatooing or whatever”…  “Is it a compromise? Very much so. I can’t play tennis, go running, or whatever but I LOVE just knowing that my heels will never touch the ground again.”… “whenever I look at my feet barefoot while changing heels or whatever it totally turns me on knowing they’ll never go flat again.”

Later the same year, Bf began experimenting with locking Jen’s heels on her.  She spent a whole weekend on vacation in New York kept locked in white 6″ ankle strap pumps.  In the following year, Jen’s 6” stillettos/ballet heels regime continued.  By then she confessed online to being ‘stuck’ in heels….but wrote that “I’m also inclined to think that if I really wanted to get unstuck I could. It would just be a gradual process. I do like though that right now I can’t even really walk to the bathroom without heels on, and it is a turn on”

By this time Bf was making small locks for her 6” heels or ballets – ensuring that much of the time she couldn’t take them off, even for a minute.    She spent days at a time with them locked on her feet.  She washed herself by running a bath and sitting in it with her locked on heels or ballets hanging over the side of the bath.

Another year later and she was into her third year wearing only 6” heels/ballets, and having them locked on was now the norm.  There were some signs that she was beginning to regret this, although still expressing excitement at her now permanent high heeled state.  “I let myself get “stuck in heels” at my boyfriends (now fiance) urging…. there are times when its frustrating, like going to the drug store at 2 am in stilettos and not being able to go to the beach and that kinda stuff but overall I love the way my feet and ankles have gotten from only wearing heels.” … “Its def a compromise. You’re either into it for life or you’re not. Is it practical? No way. Do I love that I can’t stand up without my heels? Yes.”

Her high heel wearing has had, unsurprisingly, an impact on her feet “my big toe is angled kind of in and the rest of my toes have more taper than they used to from my pointy heels. I’ve just come to accept its part of having high heel feet”. She seemed to still be happy with her decision “as long as I don’t develop problems with my feet no regrets for me.” … “it can be tough some days, but I wouldn’t go back.”, but “whenever I see my mom she yells at me that I’m ruining my feet.”

The difficulties of life in 6” heels are still very real, however “I get it sometimes at work when I have to walk outside with one of the sales guys and he’ll want me to follow him over gravel, through grass, or just a long walk out to the lot and keep up with him.”  She was now in a job where she could sit down for much of the day, but the locks on her heels meant she couldn’t slip them off while at her desk.

Being subjected to such intensely focussed fetishism, and a constant pressure for greater extremes, it is unsurprising that eventually enough was enough, and it began to strain their relationship.  At the age of 24, after 6 years wearing nothing but stilettos, and 3 years in nothing but 6” heels or ballets, Jen split with her boyfriend.  By this time she couldn’t even walk to the bathroom in bare feet, and couldn’t wear heels lower than 5” without experiencing pain.

She definitely had moments of regret about allowing Bf to train her for permanent high heel feet.  She wrote about not being able to go to the beach and wear flip flops etc.  Interestingly, over the next few years, she didn’t attempt to train her feet down to lower heels.  Three years later, and now almost 11 years in nothing but very high heels, she is still stuck in heels 5” or higher, and still wears 6” heels and even ballets on occasion.  The attraction to high heel wear is still there and she has found a new boyfriend who is also a high heel fetishist (and wearer).

Jen and her new boyfriend have built a life that revolves around permanent high heel wear, and after so many years she is used to there being places she can and can’t walk.  There are now so many things discouraging her from trying to return to lower heels – her high-heel focussed relationship, the physical difficulty of trying to re-train her feet to be comfortable in lower heels, and the feeling of having worked hard to achieve a goal and not wanting to undo her hard work.  As time goes on her ankles will become more and more firmly formed into their 5-6 heel arch, making any change less and less likely. It seems certain now that she will remain permanently on tiptoe.

Susan (Connie)

Where could a lifestyle like this go in future?  An idea could be provided by the true story of Susan (also known as Connie).   Like Jen, Susan trained her feet for high heel wear as a young woman.  She also used various foot training devices and exercises to condition her feet for constant high heels wear.  Susan’s doesn’t see her high heel wear as fetishism – for her it is tied in with an ideal of feminine elegance – to be forced to move in certain, feminine ways, dictated by your choice of footwear.  Like Jen, Susan was successful in getting ‘stuck’ in high heels.   She also has small feet and wears heels between 4.5” and 5.5”, which from her descriptions give her feet an arch as extreme as Jen’s, going past the vertical when standing straight in her normal daily wear.

Interestingly, Susan’s extreme-heeled lifestyle has continued through all facets of life.  When she had children she got up in the middle of the night to feed them, and had to slip on a pair of heels by her bed before doing so.  Kids sporting events, picnics, boating trips were all attended in ultra high heels.

Now in middle age, and having spent over 30 years in nothing but very high heels, Susan continues with her heel wear and seems happy with the fact that her feet are firmly stuck in a high heel arch.  Presumably the longer someone’s feet remain stuck in this position, the less flexible the ankle becomes.  Susan speaks about being unable to move her feet even slightly from a vertical high heel arch, except that she can slightly arch them even further.  She has also intentionally trained her toes into a permanently lifted position with the intention that  she can’t use them at all to balance in her heels.  All her weight and balance is taken up on the balls of her feet – intensifying the ‘hobbling’ or stride-limiting effect of the high heels.

She often combines this with wearing thin skirts, limiting the size of her step even further, and hair which intentionally limits her ability to look down when she walks.  Her aim is a perfect feminine posture and shape and a very controlled, almost ‘sculpted’ way of moving.

Susan has described in great detail what this means in daily life.  She cannot squat down, because this requires the ankles to flex forward, which they cannot do.  The only way she can pick something up off the ground is to bend at the hips, keeping the knees straight.  She has a car left to her by her late husband, which she cannot drive or even get in and out of with help because of the low seat position.  Her permanent high heeled feet have played an important part in moulding that way she sits, stands and walks, but she has always enjoyed pushing the barriers by wearing very high heels during outdoor activities.

It will be interesting to see where Jen goes in future with her permanent high heel feet.  Forum posters have indicated that it is actually very difficult to train your feet back down to lower heels.  Perhaps Jen has already tried and given up ever doing this, or decided that the extended pain of slowly training your feet down in height is not worth it.  Recently she posted that she has given up any idea of wearing lower heels.   Like Susan, as time goes on, Jen’s feet would presumably become more stiffly formed into their ultra high-heel arch, and her erotic body modification will become even harder to reverse.  Perhaps it is irreversible already.

If she had stayed in Bf, surely by now she would be pushing new boundaries, and perhaps attempting the ‘holy grail’ of high heel fetishist, which is to wear ballet heels all the time.  A few web forum pretenders aside, nobody has seriously attempted this, and perhaps it is unachievable.  A young lady called Persphone has recently been discussed online as aiming to go further than her current daily 6” heels wear, to 7” or even ballets.  Another lady, Suzanne, wears ballet heels as regular, but not constant, wear, but does not appear to have the goal of going any further than her current highly skilled level with her ballet heel wear.  If anybody knows of a genuine attempt to wear only ballet heels I would be happy to post the details here.

Permanent high heeled feet forum posting:



11 responses to “The High Heels Girl and other extreme heel wearers

  1. Trixie

    March 15, 2013 at 4:13 pm

    This is hot. I aspire to be trained like this.

    • talom

      June 16, 2016 at 2:06 am

      you want to wear 6″ high heels 24/7

  2. Edds

    June 16, 2013 at 9:18 am

    This girl on twitter lives in ballet heels. Reading her posts from the beginning is fascinating and bizarre. (nsfw)

    • sebsstuff

      July 2, 2013 at 3:06 am

      The balletheelsxxx does make for interesting reading, but I am not convinced that the woman is telling the truth about her lifestyle. There have been a few people like that in various forums etc, where the story starts off credible, but rapidly goes into the realms of fantasy, but unless they prove themselves and their lifestyle to be real, they hold little interest to me.

  3. Ben

    August 5, 2013 at 5:11 pm

    Where are the pictures?

    • sebsstuff

      August 27, 2013 at 1:28 am

      Unfortunately the links have been taken down. I am negotiating at the moment to see if I can put them back up.

  4. Ed Fowler

    November 2, 2014 at 3:32 am

    Ballet heels should be the norm for every woman.

    • HeelAddict_Belgium

      March 15, 2016 at 2:21 pm

      This is a fantastic story ! I wish i could finf a woman to share my fetish for high heels with willing to submit to me and wear heels 24/7 for me …

  5. Terri

    September 20, 2016 at 5:13 am

    if i try to stand without at least a 4 1/2″ heel i fall over backward


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